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acquire the tools you need to tell a story

A workshop is a great way to bring people together to help encourage a creative community while promoting your destination. During the workshop the participants learn how to capture & share stories from the location while getting to experience beautiful places as well as food & products from local businesses. People can also book me for one-on-one sessions to get a tailored course helping them take their photography to the next level, no matter their current skill level.

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Private photo course

3000 - 6000 SEK

Book a half -or full day one-on-one photo course with me. It will be tailored to fit your interests and needs depending on your current skills

Online Photography Coaching

5000 SEK

We spend an hour looking at your photos and analyse them, what your goals are and then you get a homework and then we have another hour to asses how it all went.

One day workshop

12 000 SEK

Over the course of a day the participants get the tools needed to take better pictures & tell a story with their photos, for blogs & social media

Weekend workshop

30 000 SEK

I give the tools needed to take better pictures & tell a story with your content. On the second day we go through a practical part and image editing.

Sociala Medier för Företag

10 000 SEK EX MOMS

Ett heldagspaket med föreläsning och kurs för företag + fotografering av er verksamhet med tillgång till 9 bilder planerade för Instagram.


how does it work?

I can be booked for private one-on-one sessions for a half -or full day, and companies or destinations can hire me to come and host a bigger workshop for about 10 - 15 participants.

As a destination, what's in it for us?

By choosing an photogenic venue the participants get a chance to see something new in their area. They will learn to capture their every day adventures they go on where they live, and how to share it in social media which will improve your reach as a destination. It is also a great opportunity to work with and promote local companies by having them collaborate with the workshop for goodie bag content and / or food during the workshop.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I am based in Sundsvall, Sweden and I am more than happy to travel to a desired destination or location. I do prefer to travel within Scandinavia and by train if possible. I can teach my workshops and courses in both Swedish and English.

Wheat languages does your workshop come in?

I am very fluent and confident in both Swedish and English and can organise a workshop in either language.



“Rania hosted a course in photography & how she planned and created it was incredibly professional, well planned and thought through into the smallest details.You could tell that she puts her heart and soul into what she does, which really shone through and inspired both me and the participants of the course. Rania is an incredibly skilled photographer and really has the ability to convey that knowledge to others and at the same time inspire the people around her to try for them selves, explore and evolve.”

—Emelie Bröms, Visit Dalarna

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