Storytelling & close-by adventures

Saturday rolled around and six lovely women came to join me. The day had finally come when I was to host my workshop. And not just in photography, but in telling a story with photos, and about close by adventures. Two things I am extremely passionate about. For two days we explored these topics together and they learned from me and each other – and I from them, in the beautiful scenery around Näsets Marcusgård. I could not have hosted my first workshop in a better place.

We stayed in ‘Fähuset‘, one of the many accommodations on this property and a great place to host things like this. The top floor has plenty of beds and on the bottom floor there’s a huge bathroom, a great kitchen and dining space and a really cozy living room area with a fireplace in it. 

We started in the morning with getting to know each other over an amazing breakfast provided to us by Snitths Hantverksbageri who had put good thought into the fact that we were there doing a photography course, so everything was beautifully styled! All the participants also got some goodie bags that me and Emelie from Visit Dalarna had put together for them.

Oh and all the food provided during the workshop was fully vegetarian.

““A workshop is such a strong format for coming together and exploring a new destination while learning from each other””

We then started our first session where I talked a little bit about my story and how I got to where I am today. I talked about my niche, the clients I have now and how I work – and most importantly about why I think it’s so important to tell a story with my images. Then we covered how to do that. 

There was a big tv in the living room and I hooked up my laptop and ran my keynote effortlessly while sitting down on the floor every now and then to engage more in the conversations and have some coffee.

During the entire workshop I tried to keep a good flow and have a very relaxed atmosphere were we had a good conversation going. Instead of me just talking and talking I wanted my participants to chime in: ask questions, give their opinion on things or just comment on what I showed them. It went really well and I liked this a lot, they we’re all very engaged, both with me but also with each other and it was great to see! 

We talked not only about work and photography but also backpacks, gear and life itself. We laughed, hugged and even cried together. 

Since the workshop extender over two days we had time for a close by adventure to Ärteråsens Fäbodar. There we had some fika in a cabin and everyone had the chance to walk around and practice what we’d covered while I was there to show how I take photos and help them out with any questions or give them tips.