Online Photography Coaching

personally tailored for you

I sit down to personally analyse your own photography using the skills I've gathered after working as a professional photographer for 9 years. We have a look at where you are currently at, what your goals are & where you want to be with your photography.

Session 01

In this first session we sit down for 1 - 1.5 hours to have a look at your current photography and where you want to take it. I will give feedback in terms of composition, color, light and editing. We will also look at photos that inspire you and talk about how you can move your photography towards that.


After our first session you will get a small homework that consists of taking my feedback and what we talked about to apply it practically. You will shoot and edit new photos that will come to be the foundation for our second session.

Session 02

In this second session we take another 1 - 1.5 hours to look at the new photos you shot. I will give you feedback again and we will go over how you improved from the previous ones, if you are closer to what you want and what you can continue to work on.

I am available for coaching in Swedish or English

Book a session

Interested in further developing your photography / editing skills and booking a session with me? Send me an email and tell me a little bit about yourself, where you are at and what you find that you are struggling with and together we will tailor a session that fits you and your needs!

Live slow and stay wild // Rania