new 20mm F1.4 PRO Lens Release

This case was about creating content for the first product released under Olympus' new name OM SYSTEM. I was the first photographer with access to the lens prior to its release. Over a few weeks I used the lens to put it to the test and capture images to be used in the marketing of this new product on a global scale.

lens review video

M.Zuiko 20mm F1.4PRO

with photographer rania Rönntoft

watch the video here


“Thank you for a really great lens review. I watched other reviews of the OM Systems re-branding and launch of this first new lens. These were all very informative and valuable but, for me, you have done much more than that. You have given me the emotional response I was looking for; what life with a micro 4/3 mirrorless camera, and also this lens, would feel like.”

—Pete Mayo, Youtube

“Hey Rania, you've done great work on talking about this lens. As a youngish wildlife photographer, I appreciate the emphasis on qualities like bokeh and how using it makes you FEEL, rather than just the specs. I hope that marketing with brand ambassadors like you continues and OM-D cameras get the success they deserve! I have a lot of money and emotion invested in this system so I also have a selfish reason for this.”

—comment on social media

“OM System working with this new mentor, Rania Rönntoft, really gives me confidence to buy more OM System cameras and lenses. I feel like the new company really understands their current and future users, and the advantages and future potential of the camera system. Good job!”

—Alex James, YouTube